“AzerGold” bonds


Bonds are more profitable than the existing interest rates on deposits offered in foreign currency in the local financial market.

Bond yields

Bonds allow you to get fixed income within the term to maturity. By investing in bonds, you will also be able to profit from the interest and thus, get additional income during given period of time.


“AzerGold” CJSC, a public company which makes a huge profit in fast growing mining sector and has a big potential to export highly demanded gold in global market, acts as guarantor for bond holders.

“AzerGold” bonds

AzerGold CJSC, one of the largest exporter of non-oil sector of Azerbaijan issued bonds for the first time in 2020 via Baku Stock Exchange. Being available to the public, these bonds are profitable investment tools.

Key Features of a bond:

Face value – $100 US dollars;

Total bond issue – $20,000,000 US dollars;

Maturity term – 3 years;

Annual interest rate – 4 %;

A Coupon Payment date – every 90 calendar days;

A Coupon payment frequency – quarterly for times a year

The results of auction

Bond placement was realized at Baku Stock Exchange in two tranches by a method of competitive auction;

During the auctions held on the first and second tranches, the demand for bonds exceeded the offer by about 2 times and average weighted prices was determined at 3.35%;

AzerGold bonds, which are considered to be one of the investment tools offered on the most favorable terms in the financial market of our country, have created a reliable and profitable investment and additional income for citizens.

“AzerGold” bonds – promo video
Reasons to choose “AzerGold” bonds
3 simple steps to purchase the bonds
A bond is a marketable investment. “AzerGold” bond is a financial tool which allows to earn quarterly interest income and call back the bond at the end of circulation term.
The bonds are issued for a term of 3 years with an annual interest rate of 6%. Interest is calculated on the basis of the nominal value of the bonds and is paid non-cash on a quarterly basis (next working day after the last business day of each quarter). In this case, 90 days per quarter are taken as a basis.
The bonds are issued to diversify AzerGold's financial resources and focus on the implementation of new projects, as well as to contribute to the development of the country's securities market and create profitable and reliable investment opportunities for citizens.
AzerGold bonds are interest-bearing, unsecured, uncertificated, registered investment securities.
The sale of AzerGold bonds will be completed across two tranches. The initial public offering of the bonds will take place through the trading platform of the Baku Stock Exchange CJSC.
The bonds have a coupon (interest) rate of 4% per annum.
The bonds are issued in US dollars.
Yes. Like any other assets, bonds can be bought / sold, presented, and exchanged in general.
Yes. The person abroad must have a relevant service agreement with one of the local investment companies.
Yes. However, you must have a relevant service agreement with one of the local investment companies.
Yes. The bank account is used to purchase and get interest (coupons) and principal payments on bonds.