Dashkasan Iron Ore Deposit

The operation of Dashkasan iron ore deposit, the largest iron ore deposits complex of the region, started during the reign of Soviet Union. Thus, Dashkasan Ore Administration was established in 1945. The production of iron ore concentrate was launched 9 years after the establishment of the enterprise, which operated with interruptions under different business names and in the subordination of various agencies and bodies.

The iron ore reserve in the deposit was intensively extracted from 1954 to 1994. The iron ore extracted from this deposit amounted to 92 million tons. During 1994-1997, the operation works in the deposit was carried out with interruptions.

There are totally six deposits in the area, such as: “North-east”, “North-west”, “South-east”, “South-west”, “Damirov”, “Dardara”.

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