Aghyokhush deposit

Aghyokhush group of fields  is located at 14 km north-east from Chovdar mine, in the administrative area of Goygol district. The deposit was discovered by the geologists of AzerGold CJSC in 2017. Although, Akhyokhush is comparatively small group of fields for its size, its adjacence to Chovdar mine enables the operation of the mine without any capital contribution and construction of a new processing plant and relevant infrastructure. The project consists of three deposits: "Agyokhush-1", "Agyokhush-2", "Agyokhush-3". The ores to be extracted during the project will be processed in Chovdar Integrated Regional Processing Area.

The extraction works under the first phase, Aghyokhush 1, was carried out from November, 2020 up to December, 2021 and  17,975 ounces of gold were mined in total. 

Aghyokhush – 2 and Aghyokhush – 3 are to be launched in late 2022. Available amount of extractable gold reserves in both projects is 31,507 ounces.

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