Efficient use of natural resources, application of sustainable development concept and social responsibility are the fundamental principles of AzerGold Closed Joint Stock Company. The Company is well-aware about possible impacts of the study, exploration, operation, and management activities on the environment, residents and communities living in production areas, as well as their rights. AzerGold is regulating such impacts within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. 

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of AzerGold CJSC is developed and regularly updated, taking into account the best international practices in the field of mine engineering, “Equator Principles for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in project finance”, and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Social Responsibility Policy of the Company covers four high-priority directions:

  • Work with residents and communities  

  • Environmental protection  

  • Provision of safe labor condition and protection of human rights at workplace 

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is developed and implemented by Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. The Committee is a collegial body and issues periodic reports about its activity. 

In case of any proposals, comments and queries about the activity of the Committee, please visit ksm@azergold.az.

The hotline of Corporate Social Responsibility Committee 

For more effective management of the work with residents and communities, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee has launched a hotline. If you wish to share your complaints or proposals about the issues relating to the Committee’s activity, please dial (+99412) 505 02 02 (ext. 1300), apply electronically through the website or email to ksm@azergold.az  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 to 13:00.

Please note that the applicants will be contacted within 5 working days, upon review of their applications addressed to the Committee.