Auction to be launched on second tranche of AzerGold bonds



The competitive auction on placement of the second tranche of AzerGold CJSC’s bonds worth $20 million will be held at Baku Stock Exchange on November 30. The second tranche of the bonds was included in the listing in the standard market segment.

The nominal value of “AzerGold” bond available to the public is $ 100 and the annual interest rate is 4%. The circulation period of the bond is 3 years , while the term for the payment of the interest rate is 90 calendar days. 

Remarkably, the auction on the placement of the first tranche of AzerGold bonds was held on September 24, 2020. During this auction, the demand for AzerGold bonds amounted to more than $ 25 million and exceeded the offer by 2.5 times.

It is to note that, the bonds offered to the finance market under the next tranche will allow AzerGold, one of the leading companies in non-oil industry engaged in extraction of precious metals, to not only increase the sources of financing and allocate such funds on the implementation of new projects, but also contribute to the development of securities market in the country and create profitable and reliable investment opportunities for the citizens. This, in its turn, will enable the citizens to give a boost to the improvement of national economy and mining industry.


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