Dashkasan beekeepers involved in trainings



 AzerGold Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC) jointly with Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMB) organized another training for beekeepers within the "Support to the development of beekeeping in Dashkasan" project, which has been implemented for the second year.

Thus, 32 farmers operating in Bayan, Gushchu, Chovdar villages and Shadakh residential area have benefited from the theoretical trainings on how to strain the honey, use the equipment, pack and store the honey which aim to contribute to increasing the production volume of beekeeping products in Dashkasan. The beekeepers were enlightened on the physio-chemical indicators of natural honey, the supply and storage of beekeeping products such as royal jelly, propolis, golem, wax in accordance with veterinary and sanitary regulations by the expert involved in the project. As part of the training, the participants were distributed guidelines and booklets with the above listed content. At the end, the farmers were presented wax and frames to enable the expansion of individual farms.

It is worth noting that 216 fully equipped bee families, bee boxes and other necessary supplies were presented to 56 farmers. With the view to facilitate the production process of the honey, the Company plans to provide honey strainers for the general use of all farmers living in the villages of Chovdar, Bayan, Gushchu.

Remarkably, "AzerGold" CJSC has implemented consistent and purposeful measures in the regions where it operates related to  environmental protection, employment growth, education, sports, health, development of micro-entrepreneurship, training and education of teenagers and young people, improvement of social welfare, conservation of cultural heritage and other directions. Such projects are developed and implemented taking into account the specific characteristics of the region, needs of local communities, and socio-economic demands.