AzerGold kicked off alpiniad on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Nationwide Leader



On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the nationwide leader of Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev, "AzerGold" Closed Joint Stock Company (JSC) organized an alpiniad to the "Heydar peak" located at an altitude of 3751 meters above sea level in the Ghizil Gaya section of the Bashdag mountain range of the Greater Caucasus, in the territory of the Shahdag National Park. The staff of the Company and its subsidiary "Dashkasan Iron Ore" Limited Liability Company (DDF LLC) joined the alpiniad.

The climbers started from the village of Khinalig, which is one of the highest settlements in Azerbaijan, camped at the foot of the Ghizilgaya section and marched to "Haydar Peak" along the route. Despite the unstable weather conditions in the Shahdag area, the high-spirited team overcame such challenges as slippery ice and shifty gravel, burning sunrays and fatigue to realize the power and significance of unity and team efforts. Those who reached the summit with great enthusiasm and determination commemorated the memory of the great statesman of all the time. With the Azerbaijan National Flag, corporate flags of AzerGold CJSC and DDF LLC raised at the peak of the mountain.