AzerGold involves bee farmers from Dashkasan to trainings



Within the framework of the Project "Support to the development of beekeeping", which was implemented for the second year in Dashkasan region by "AzerGold" Closed Joint Stock Company with the assistance of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SBA), trainings were organized for farmers from March 30 to April 3.

The theoretical trainings aimed at contribution to the development of the small business ecosystem, promotion of beekeeping and increase of natural honey production in Dashkasan, lasted for 3 days. 32 farmers from Chovdar, Bayan, Gushchu villages and Shadakh area of Dashkasan district were enlightened by the consultants involved in the project about the spring care for bees, fertilization and breeding of queen bees. With the view to increase awareness about treatment and prevention of parasitic diseases that damage beekeeping, the booklets were distributed to the farmers.

Besides, the experts involved by SMBDA's SME Development Center in Ganja gave detailed information about the measures implemented towards entrepreneurship development, favourable environment offered for business activity, and the mechanisms of providing effective financial support to entrepreneurs. The workshops were organized for beekeepers on the topics of access to financial resources, provision of subsidies, organization of agrarian insurance.

The Project further entails the work in apiaries in accordance with veterinary and sanitary rules, and practical exercises regarding how to increase the productivity and sustainability of bee colonies. The residents who successfully complete the training were presented certificates, bee colonies, and other relevant supplies to support the expansion of private farms.

Notably, socially oriented measures implemented by "AzerGold" CJSC in accordance with the state policy serve to develop the regions, increase the employment, and improve the well-being of residents. Those living near the company's production areas continuously benefit from the projects implemented towards environmental protection, education, health, employment, entrepreneurship promotion.