AzerGold makes the next periodic interest payment on bonds



The next quarterly interest payment on AzerGold bonds was made on March 29, 2021. Totally $ 200 000 were shared among the bond holders.

It is worth noting that, the bonds offered in the financial market serve to diversify the financial resources of AzerGold, one of the leaders of the non-oil industry, along with implementing new projects, contributing to the development of the country's securities market, as well as creating profitable and reliable investment opportunities for citizens.

In fact, AzerGold bonds, which promise higher – 4 percent interest rate in comparison with that on bank deposits in foreign currency in local banks, are accessible investment tools for people. The bonds with a total issue volume of $ 20 million at a nominal price of $100 each have created an opportunity for companies and citizens to earn extra income.

The next quarterly interest payment on AzerGold bonds, which offer 4 times stable income per annum through the course of 3 years and the right to get back the nominal value of bonds at the end of the period, will be made in June this year.