Chovdar Integrated Regional Processing area was established on the basis of Chovdar Ore Processing Area located in Dashkasan, within the framework of the AzerGold CJSC’s Action Plan developed in accordance with Decree dated March 19, 2020 by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the implementation of activities towards ensuring of economic stability and sustainability against outer impacts.

The establishment of regional processing area on the back of centralized use of material-technical resources in the operation process aims to achieve economic efficiency of the deposits which might be subject to failure. Chovdar Integrated Regional Processing Area serves to minimize capital and operating costs of the projects, ensure uninterrupted production process, reduce environmental impacts, and stimulate economic activity in the region. The projected operation term of the area is 7 years (2020-2029).

During the first phase upon the launch of regional processing area, Aghyokhush 1, which was discovered by the geologists of AzerGold in 2017, was put into operation in November, 2020. The extraction works was completed in December 2021. Technical and biological restoration works was commenced on the mine upon initial operation works. Marah, which is also within Regional Processing Area, was launched in 2021 and is currently under operation.

Along with the above mentioned, the ores extracted within sulphide phase from Aghyokhush 2, Aghyokhush 3 and Chovdar, Tulallar and its adjacent fields, as well as other prospective fields which are currently under exploration works will undergo processing works at CIRPA.

With the view to benefit from single unit process operation with the application of the carbon-in-leach, the methodology that ensures maximum and continuous efficiency, the new plant is being constructed at CIRPA.

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