Tutkhun area

Tutkhun is located in the territory of Kalbajar district, on the basin of the Tutkhun river, the right tributary of the Tartarchay. According to the study and digitalization of geological data of 1959-1960, the area is expected to have gold, silver reserves and industrially important copper metalization. Within the framework of researces to be carried out by AzerGold on non-ferrous metal deposits located at liberated terrirtories of the country,  relevant works was commenced towards incremental exploration of the field. Thus, for the first time in the Caucasus non-invasive hyperspectral satellite imaging,  which is one of the relatively new methods of progressive surveying, has been applied at 1624 km2 area covering kalbajar and lachin districts. According to the exploration program of the Company for 2022-2025 years, active surface research-exploration works were launched at Bashlibel-Khanlanli, Orujlu-Aghyatag-Chorman fields, which are cleared from mines and unexploded ordnances. With the view of complex exploration works at Tutkhun basin, necessary actions are being taken by relevant public agencies towards clearance of the named area from mines and unexploded ordnances.

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